My Podcasts And Other Stuff

THE D6 GENERATION PODCAST (Contributor) is a bi-monthly podcast that features topical, controversial, and (hopefully) entertaining conversation about miniature war games, board games, and other topics near and dear to gamers' hearts. I contribute a regular segment called Total Fan Girl in which I conduct interviews and share my opinions about life as a Girl Gamer.

THE WHONIVERSE PODCAST (Co-Host) is a weekly podcast on all things Doctor Who with me and Michael Gaines. We talk about recent episodes, news, rumors and whatever Doctor Who stuff has caught our eyes.

NERD APPROVED (Contributor) has all the nerd news that's fit to print from movies to comics, video games to cartoons, if you're a nerd, then you need to check this out.

FASHIONABLY GEEK (Contributor) is all about geeky fashion and incredibly cosplay. We scour the  internet for the perfect Doctor Who fez, the latest Game of Thrones t-shirt, and the most amazing cosplay ever.

THAT'S NERDALICIOUS (Contributor) is the tasty side of nerdverse. We've got TARDIS wedding cakes, Star Wars cookies, Halo cocktails and all sorts of delicious treats. Oh, and bacon, because, duh, bacon.

GEEKMOM (Content Editor) is the intersection of Mom and Geek culture. We cover parenting with a decidedly geeky viewpoint and write about wonderful gadgets, gizmos and geek culture.

THE FAST LANE CAR (Technology Editor) covers the auto industry including reviews, auto shows, news and events. Yeah, it might not seem to fit in with the rest of this stuff, but that just means you haven't seen me nerd out over a sexy red sports car. Also, I may be The Stig.

GOOD TO BE A GEEK (Staff Writer) is a website founded by @sultryminxzoe, Jessa Phillips which features news on all aspects of Geek Culture.