Friday, April 27, 2012

The GeekMoms Podcast #20 Geeky Cupcakes and Food With Just Jenn Recipes

As a Mom, I have probably baked about five gazillion cupcakes. Some of them were simple but some, usually the ones that were special requests by my kids, were a bit more challenging. In this episode I talk with Jenn Fujikawa of Just Jenn Recipes about her geeky food creations, especially cupcakes. From Star Wars to Skylanders to Game of Thrones, she's created it all and has recipes and step-by-step instructions on her site so you can, too. Listen in and find out how she got started, and how you can make these delicious treats!

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Music: Rebecca Angel

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adepticon: Miniature Wargaming On An Epic Scale

There are an impossibly huge number of conventions and I would like to attend them all, but there's this whole real world with responsibilities that makes it impossible. This weekend marked the tenth anniversary of Adepticon, one of the most amazing miniature wargaming conventions you can attend. Gamers from around the world come to compete in tournaments and show off their painting skills for the chance at glory and big prizes. I wasn't able to go, but my husband is an avid miniature wargamer and he not only made the trip, but brought back some amazing pictures.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Give Batman A Hug, It's Bat Appreciation Day!

The Batman, Image: Nicole Wakelin
There are lots of special days honoring one thing or another and some of them are a bit odd. That's exactly what I thought when I saw "Bat Appreciation Day!" pop up in my sidebar today when I checked my e-mail. I wondered what the heck I had done to make some algorithm think that I had an interest in bats. I haven't e-mailed an exterminator recently. I haven't accused anyone of having bats in their belfry. I haven't even used the Bat Signal in recent memory. And that's when it hit me. The Batman.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The GeekMoms Podcast #19 PAX East and Plague Town Author Dana Fredsti

This week I'm joined by two special guests starting with Dana Fredsti, author of the new zombie novel Plague Town. We talk about her book, zombies, sword-fighting and her time on the set of Army of Darkness. Later, Jessa Phillips of Good To Be A Geek chats with me about PAX East. We both attended this epic game convention last weekend, never once found each other, but still had a fantastic game-filled time. Tune in to hear all the details!

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Music: Rebecca Angel

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Games, Cosplay and The Guild at PAX East

One of the cons I look forward to most is PAX East because it focuses on all kinds of games. It doesn't matter if you favor PC, Xbox or Wii or board games, RPGs and card games. If you're a gamer, then this is your con. In it's third year it was even better than ever, despite being held on Easter weekend. Yeah, that was a bummer. It meant packing three days of gaming into two for many of us, but we managed. Who cares if the Easter ham was nearly burned or you completely forgot to put rolls on the table for lack of sleep. We came, we saw, we played all the games!

Monday, April 9, 2012

LifeProof iPhone Case: Water, Dirt, Snow And Shock Proof

My LifeProof Case Swimming With Our Fish, Image: Nicole Wakelin
I'm always worried that my iPhone will meet an untimely death from a wayward drop of rain so when I heard about the LifeProof iPhone case that bills itself as water proof, snow proof, dirt proof and shock proof I knew I had to try it out. Having just come back from a rain soaked trip where I found myself cowering under my umbrella and beneath awnings in an attempt to keep dry, water proof held special appeal. The only problem was getting up the nerve to actually test the thing.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

GeekMom and GeekDad Panel at PAX East, Streaming Live!

Join me and my fellow GeekMoms and GeekDads for Raising the Next Generation of Geeks on Saturday, April 7th at 7:00pm in the Naga Theater. I'll be speaking along with Matt Blum, Corrina Lawson, Rebecca Angel and Doug Cornelius on everything you need to know about raising good litle geeks.
Should you let your toddler play Skyrim? What’s the best way to introduce your child to RPGs? How do you handle it when your kid doesn’t want to play a game because he thinks he’ll lose? What do you say if your daughter says she likes “Twilight” more than “Buffy?” These questions and many more will be discussed by writers for,, and geek parents in the audience. Come share your stories and advice for how to ensure our kids grow up to be geeks like us! Don’t have kids? Show up and find out what may be in store for you if you ever do!

You won't be able to join the gaming masses at PAX East? No worries! This year select panels are streaming live on so you can watch us from the comfort of your living room. But if you are at PAX East, come by and say hello. Did I mention we'll also be handing out some loot? See you there!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Star Wars Kinect, Han Solo, Galactic Dance Off

Of all the things I nerd out over, and the list is a long one, Star Wars is at the top. This makes today a very special day because it marks the release of the Star Wars Kinect game and Xbox 360 styled like R2-D2 with a Threepio controller. I played the demo and thought it was great and now they've added something that takes it from great to amazing. There's a Galactic Dance Off where you can dance along with Han to the ms chris parody "I'm Han Solo." I've died and gone to nerd heaven.