Thursday, August 18, 2011

The GeekMoms Podcast #2 Zombies, Dragon*Con and Autographs

In episode two I'm joined by writer "Chaos" Mandy Horetski to talk about the perils and benefits of exposing your kids to zombie cosplay, attending Dragon*Con while pregnant (it can be done) and the fun of collecting autographs. Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions? Email
(Note: Mandy's audio is a bit soft at the start, but it gets better a few minutes in to the show.)

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"Chaos" Mandy Horetski: The Shiny Adventures of a Browncoat Mommy and Twitter
Music: Rebecca Angel


  1. I'm starting to listen to it - it's hard to hear me :(

  2. It does get better as it goes on.

  3. Yes, the beginning I just couldn't bring up any higher, but you come in louder and clearer the further you go. I'm sorry, Mandy, Skype was just not cooperating :(


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