Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Geek Mom Priorities

Today is the first day of school and for the first time both my kids are there for the whole day.  No more running back and forth for different schedules.  All day, every day they're going to be in the same place.  I have been looking forward to this all summer.  Okay, not true.  I've been looking forward to this for, um, years to be honest.  It's a lot of hard work taking care of kids and there are times when you think the day will never come when they'll both be in school all day and you'll be able to drink your coffee while it's hot and eat lunch in peace.  Today was that day, and as happy as I was this morning to drop them off, I suddenly realized how much I'm going to miss them while I was making lunch.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Want to Be a Superhero for the Car!

If I win the lottery, I'm not going to spend my money on a mansion, or a yacht or a tropical island.  I will spend it to buy the house next door so I can tear it down and build a garage for all the crazy cars I intend to purchase.  I love cars.  They're so very pretty and they sound cool and they go really fast, especially if they're red.  My current car is neither red, nor fast, but it is extremely practical considering most days it carries two children who have constant muddy shoes, sticky fingers, and the ability to spill everything they touch.  Someday, though, someday, I'm getting a car that they will never be able to ride in and that will likely earn me a hefty speeding ticket or two.  Moms get the worst cars out of necessity.  You know who gets really cool cars? Superheroes!

My GenCon Chat with The Guild

I had an amazing opportunity at GenCon Indy to interview Felicia Day (Codex), Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo), Jeff Lewis (Vork), and Robin Thorsen (Clara) of the web series The Guild.  It was early for a con, we were all sleepy, but they were still great.  Want to know if the "giant bug" that attacked Wil Wheaton on set last season was really all that?  Curious about some of the weirdest things Felicia has been asked to do at a con?  Check out the answers....

Friday, August 20, 2010

The D6 Generation Podcast #62 The Guild Interview at GenCon

I just came back from GenCon.  Yes, it was amazing!  More so for having had the chance to interview Felicia Day (Codex), Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo), Jeff Lewis (Vork), and Robin Thorsen (Clara) of the webseries The Guild.  It was a con.  We were all sleepy and you just might be able to tell how desperately we all need a little caffeine.  Download the episode and head to the 2hr 59min mark to hear the Total Fan Girl segment of the show.

Download D6G Episode #62

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If You're Lucky, You'll Marry a Gamer

My husband is a Gamer.  A huge, ginormous, big-time Gamer.  If the house caught fire, he'd make sure the kids and I were safe, then risk his life to go back in and save his minis and dice bag.  I consider myself a Gamer too, but more by association than out of my own volition.  Until I started dating him I only played mainstream games.  It wasn't because I didn't want to play anything else, I simply wasn't aware of games beyond the local toy store.  He was the one that introduced me to DnD and convinced me to play.  It is because of him that I know how to paint a mini, and if not for his gaming addiction I'd never have known that dice came with more than six sides.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Achievement Unlocked: GenCon Indy

I have now returned from my first ever GenCon.  It's hard to describe what it was like but I think it's safe to say that it was fan-freakin-tastic covered in awesome-sauce with a side of win.  Am I over-selling?  Nope.  It was just that good.  I am definitely going back next year, but leaving earlier in the week and coming back later.  It's billed as The Best Four Days in Gaming, but I only got about three so next year I will make sure to experience the slogan to it's fullest.  In the three days I did have, I played a lot of games, met some great gamers and learned a few things that I thought I'd share with you just in case you're planning on making the pilgrimage next year.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Little Thing Called GenCon

In just over 24 hours I will be boarding a plane for Indianapolis, Indiana.  I have absolutely no idea what's in Indiana.  Really.  I know they have the Indy 500, and I think lots of cornfields.  This is probably completely wrong and it will take about 2 minutes from the time I post this until someone from Indiana corrects my misguided cornfield notion and tells me what I will find in their great state.  (Really, no hate, just a failure to retain what I learned in US History.)

The D6 Generation Podcast #61 True Dungeon

I'm about to attend my first GenCon and I'm very excited!  There will be lots of people to meet and games to play, but there's this thing called True Dungeon and, well, it has me a wee bit nervous. Tokens and roleplaying and a team depending on me?  Oh, this can't end well.  Download the episode and head to the 2hr 6 min mark to hear my worries in the Total Fan Girl segment of the show.

Download D6G Episode #61