Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Want to Be a Geek Scout

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It's summer here and my kids have been going to Girl Scout camp for the last two weeks.  This means every morning I rush to get them up, dressed, covered in sunscreen and out the door in time to catch the bus.  It's quite a challenge given that we're all used to moving at a relaxed summer pace, but I think it's worth the trouble because once upon a time, I went to Girl Scout camp, too.  I slept in a little tent in my Star Wars sleeping bag, roasted marshmallows to make s'mores and perfected the art of cooking hot dogs on a stick over a fire.  There were arts and crafts, and silly songs, and we went swimming in the lake.  It was a week filled with the things you love to do when you're a kid.  I sorta wish I could go again.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Longing for San Diego Comic-Con

The buzz has been building for weeks and now, finally, at long last, after months of costume prep and wrangling of plane tickets, badges and hotel rooms it's time for San Diego Comic-Con.  Woot!  Only problem is that I'm not actually going to SDCC.  Yeah, see there's this whole "real life" thing and it comes with adult responsibilities and obligations so I will be staying at home in lovely New Hampshire during what is sure to be an amazing convention.  (Insert long-suffering sigh here.)

The D6 Generation Podcast #60 Video Games as Art

If you play video games then you've likely heard about Roger Ebert and his opinion that video games are not now and never will be art.  He pretty much wrote them off as bits of fluff with no real artistic value.  I may have a problem with good old Mr. Ebert.  Download the episode and head to the 2hr 26min mark to hear why I think he's dead wrong.

Download D6G Episode #60

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Watery Grave, Part Six, Finale

Continued from Part Five

Alexa climbed up over the edge of the cliff directly behind two men. They were talking quietly, unaware of her presence until they felt her fingers around their necks. She squeezed and twisted in the space of a breath and the sharp crack of vertebrae broke the silence of the night. Relaxing her fingers, their bodies dropped to the ground where she stood and she saw Michael across the clearing. He looked up at her, still on his knees in the blowing snow. His face was completely blank. Others had turned to face her and they simply stared as she stepped over the crumpled bodies at her feet. As though an invisible switch had flipped, that single step set the entire scene in motion.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Magic of Movie References

A conversation with a few of my favorite folks on Twitter got me thinking about movies.  We started off talking about bacon so right there you know the conversation was destined for greatness.  Soon we moved on to ice cream, then Jiffy Pop and eventually Val Kilmer in the 80's when he was still cute and not at all scary.  If you've already figured out the movie reference, then give yourself 10 Geek Points.  If not, you should keep reading so you're better prepared next time.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Watery Grave, Part Five

Continued from Part Four

Michael stood at the edge of the granite outcropping where The Old Man of the Mountain had once jutted out from the cliff. Time had eaten away at the rock facade until one night, unseen and unheard, it had crumbled, crashing to the ground over a thousand feet below. All that remained of the famous face were shards of granite buried beneath the drifting snow. He stepped closer to the edge and let his toes hang in the empty air, then leaned forward. The wind held him, pushing him back like a kite. He spread his arms and took the air deep into his lungs. It tasted of the forest, of leafless trees and frozen dirt, and he swore it still tasted of her. He lowered his arms and stepped back from the edge. She was lost to him as surely as the crumbled face below.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The D6 Generation Podcast #59 Frag Dolls Interview

You think you can pwn anyone at any game?  You ain't got nothing on these girls!  The Frag Dolls are the professional gamer team put together by Ubisoft to promote their games and the presence of women in the game industry.  I chat with their fearless leader, Rhoulette and the two newest members of the team, Siren and Glitch. Head to the 2hr 16min mark to hear their take on being a pro gamer.

Download D6G Episode #59

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Lesson in Sportsmanship

We celebrated the 4th of July this past weekend in the US.  It's a big deal here and most people are lucky enough to enjoy a 3-day weekend, see some fireworks, and eat obscene amounts of hamburgers and hot dogs.  We were among those lucky folks, so on Saturday we went to my brother-in-law's to watch the adults narrowly avoid setting the trees on fire while the kids played with sparklers.  Just so you know, if you let them poke lit sparklers into the driveway it will look a little like Swiss cheese in the light of day.  Consider yourself warned.  By the time Monday afternoon rolled around, we'd finished with the holiday festivities and were looking for something fun to do for a few hours.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Watery Grave, Part Four

Continued from Part Three

     When Alexa stepped outside, the sun was below the treetops, casting an orange glow across the sky and turning the bare trees into black skeletons. The temperature had barely made it into the single digits all day and was plunging back below zero. The wind was picking up, too, and it whipped stinging bits of ice against her cheeks. She pulled her hood close, thankful for the warm clothes Jonathan had left, and wondered what had become of those she’d worn the night he’d dragged her from the river. He’d likely burned whatever hadn’t been torn from her body by the tangle of branches and boulders along the riverbank. The rushing water would probably have torn her apart as well without Jonathan’s help. She hoped everyone, especially Michael, believed that was exactly what had happened. Any doubts he had would put her plan at risk. She’d spent months keeping secrets, telling lies, building a distance between them. He had to believe she was not coming back.