Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Geeks Are Actually Just Big Kids

We just returned from a long weekend in the White Mountains of NH.  It's a beautiful region with plenty of activities for everyone.  It also has a ridiculous number of tacky gift shops.  The second you leave the actual state park, wham, they're everywhere.  These shops are filled with the kind of stuff that locals don't generally purchase.  In this case, it's overpriced bottles of maple syrup, shirts that say "New Hampshire" with colorful leaves falling from a nonexistent sky, or quite possibly an embroidered moose standing in a bog.  I live in this state and the only time I've ever worn anything with a moose on it was when I forgot to bring a sweatshirt with me and it was wear the moose or freeze.  Hey, it gets cold in them there mountains!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Watery Grave, Part Three

 Continued from Part Two

   Alexa shivered against the cold gust that rushed in behind him and struggled to reach the cup he'd set beside her on the floor. Each sip brought a burst of confusing memories. She closed her eyes to stop the room from spinning then swallowed another bitter mouthful. In her mind she saw the man who had just left, but without the deep creases that now lined his face. He held a similar cup to her lips, in a similar small cabin but the thick, humid air of summer warmed her cheeks. Another sip, another memory, like flipping pages in a photo album. Now she saw his face as he carried her through the woods. His long, dark hair blew in the cool breeze and tears streaked his face as he stumbled along the narrow path between the trees. Jonathan. She had his name now and knew he had helped her countless times. A familiar ache gripped her heart at the knowledge that he would soon be replaced.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Geek Loyalty FTW!

Our friends are some of the most important people in our lives.  Sure, family comes first, but friends are a very close second.  The good ones are there when things go wrong but the really good ones are there when  it's your own fault.  They're just like family, except they choose to stay with you when you're an idiot instead of being stuck with you.  I was thinking about my most loyal friends and discovered something interesting.  The most loyal people I know are Geeks.

The D6 Generation Podcast #58 Top Gear

I love cars.  It started the first time I had the chance to ride in a Ferrari and I've never looked back..unless there are flashing lights in my rearview mirror.  I have recently discovered the fantastic, over-the-top, ridiculously wonderful Top Gear and now want to sell my home for a supercar.  Download the episode and head to the 2hr 42min mark to hear the Total Fan Girl segment of the show.

Download D6G Episode #58

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Watery Grave, Part Two

Continued from Part One

    "Drink." Warm mist caressed her face. It smelled awful. She pressed her lips together, but someone forced them apart and hot liquid filled her mouth. She winced as it burned down to her stomach. Head spinning, she opened her eyes to nothing but a blur of muted light. "Keep drinking," the voice commanded. She had little choice. The liquid streamed down her throat and her eyes began to focus.
     She lay covered in blankets on a cot in a tiny cabin. There was a wood stove in one corner warming a battered teakettle. A worn backpack sat propped against the wall near the door along with two pairs of heavy, winter boots and a set of snowshoes. Her vision continued to clear with each sip but her body remained numb and unresponsive. It was all she could do to swallow when the man sitting on the floor beside her held the small cup to her lips. She was desperate to understand where she was and what had happened.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Was the A-Team Worth It?

Last week I posted about how excited I was to see The A-Team movie.  I wrote of my hopes that it would live up to the original, admittedly cheesy, 80's show.  Well, now I've seen the movie.  I spent my hard earned cash to buy a seat in a stuffy movie theater, ate what turned out to be an awful hot dog (yes I should have know better but I was hungry, darn it) and drank about a gallon of soda with my gigantic bucket-o-popcorn.  So, was it worth it?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Way to a Geek's Heart.....

I was  busy little Domestic Geek Goddess today because I am now the proud owner of a set of Star Wars pancake molds and cookie cutters.  These have been out for awhile now but I only managed to get my hands on them yesterday.  So, today I spent the day cranking out cookies in the afternoon and flipping pancakes for dinner.  Breakfast for dinner is aways a Win, but when the pancakes are Yoda, Vader and a Stormtrooper it becomes truly Epic.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

     I've always enjoyed writing, which is why I started this blog, but my first love is fiction.  This is the beginning of a short story I've been working on and I thought, rather than let it sit on my laptop, I'd put it up in a serialized format a little bit at a time each week.  So, here goes....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The A-Team....Battlestar Galactica Win or Knight Rider Fail?

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This Friday night I will head to the movies, buy an overpriced popcorn and soda, then sit back and watch The A-Team.  I was a huge A-Team fan when I was a kid because The One True Starbuck, Dirk Benedict, played Faceman.  Remember that bit in the credits when the Cylon walks by and he does a double-take?  Yeah, that still gets me every time.  So, of course there was never any question that I would go see the remake.  What lots of people are questioning is whether the remake is actually going to be worth the price of admission.

The D6 Generation Podcast #57 Gamers, Get Thee to Twitter

It's tough being a Geek.  People don't always "get" you and it's even tougher if you happen to be a Gamer.  If you're looking to find people who see things the way you do, then you really ought to be on twitter.  Download the episode and head to the 1hr 55min mark to hear why you need to join me (@NicoleWakelin) on twitter.

Download D6G Episode #57

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Geek, You Either Got It or You Don't

My best friend is a jock.  She plays basketball, loves the Yankees, and has a habit of tossing things to me that I don't have a chance of actually catching. On the rare occasions when I do catch the item flying through the air with the speed of a jet-fighter, my cry of joy is usually met with an eye roll.  Now, before you think she's awful, know that I throw my own share of know-it-all Geek Attitude in her direction and she suffers just as terribly.