Monday, December 13, 2010

Star Wars USB Handwarmers

These just might be the most fantastic hand warmers ever invented.  Instead of the boring ones in little cellophane packages from Home Depot, how about a Star Wars USB handwarmer?  They come in black with Darth Vader or in cheery blue with R2D2.  All you have to do is plug them in to a USB port for 2 hours and you'll have 4 hours of toasty warm fingers.  I really want these, but there is one problem.  They aren't currently for sale in the US.  My solution?  I went to the manufacturer's site, but TakaraTomy is a Japanese company so the site was in Japanese and therefore less than useful.  Then someone suggested I use google translate on the site, and what resulted is the written equivalent of a poorly dubbed Japanese monster movie...

"The coming of winter is still ahead in earnest, however, have more severe decline in morning and evening.  I miss those warm season now. What measures are fully prepared for the cold when you go out? Speaking of your disposable hand warmers and cold day.  Workshop materials are reports that easily can be taken warm, it has become the whole human race ecological proposition, and only use once, throw away the pain in my heart. I recommend to everyone is having a radical idea Ikairo earth-friendly. Are used repeatedly Ikairo USB Rechargeable Eco Cairo.  The two-hour charge, the warmth of 3 ℃ 40 lasts approximately four hours. In addition, special socks to prevent the burn with cold case!  "Darth Vader" Star Wars "Star Wars R2-D2" "Kitty" "Relax," all four.  Please take this winter to warm the Earth in Cairo eco-friendly"

And once I finished laughing and envisioning Godzilla stomping on me and my earth-friendly handwarmers....I still couldn't figure out how to order the darn things!


  1. You see worse Engrish in plenty of forum posts from supposed native English speakers!

  2. Never heard of hand warmers before. Very strange. I guess we don't need them in Australia. We need hand coolers.

  3. Okay, if you want something imported from Japan, you can go to only one place: HobbyLink Japan ( If you want it and it's geek related, they've either got it or can get it, and their delivery times are scary. How scary? Let me put it this way: One tuesday I placed an HLJ order online. The next day (Wednesday) I got an email telling me that my order had been shipped.
    My order arrived four days later.
    On a SUNDAY.
    From JAPAN.
    This formally qualifies as scary!

  4. Ooh, I want one! Of course, the only time I'm really out in cold is when I camp and don't have a laptop - but still!


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