Saturday, November 28, 2009

Planet 51 and B-Movie Science Fiction

It was Thanksgiving in the US last Thursday.  This is a huge holiday that gives us all a really good excuse to eat as much food in one sitting as we should only rightfully consume in about a week.  Once we've eaten our fill of turkey and pumpkin pie, grabbed all the best Black Friday deals, and endured the annoying relatives we've been avoiding since last year (not me of course, I love my whole family, really) we get kinda bored.  And that usually means a trip to the movies.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Methuselah by Any Other Name Is Still a Vampire

I'm watching Castle on Hulu right now. (Hurray for Captain Tightpants!)  If you've watched much Hulu, then  you know the ads tend to run toward out-dated, poorly produced PSA's.  There's one with a man-pig to teach us all to save our pennies.  Ugh.  I sort of want to go out and blow all my money just to spite that creature.  Well, tonight's commercial was a new one.  It started with geeks of the past, like Marie Curie, moved on to geeks of the present, like Bill Gates, and ended with geeks of the future.  I didn't recognize the future geeks because their greatness is yet to come, but they did all look appropriately geeky with a slightly frazzled, overworked vibe.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wil Wheaton, Pumpkin Pie and Why I Love Twitter!

As a card carrying Sci-Fi Geek (seriously, there's a card, it's in my wallet) I have watched a lot of Star Trek over the years.  It started with the original, which I watched as a kid with my Dad, and moved right on up through Enterprise, which I watched as an adult with my husband.  That's a lot of hours happily spent watching Klingons overreact, Vulcans underreact, and Deanna Troi state the obvious as though it's big news.  "Captain, I sense hostility from the aliens that just fired on us."  No.  Way.  Thanks, Deanna.

Monday, November 9, 2009

V and How to Survive the Invasion

I have watched about a gazillion hours of science fiction.  Classic and new.  TV and movies.  The good, the bad, and the cheesy (Can I get a hell yeah for Mystery Science Theater 3000).  I watch it because I would love to fly in a spaceship and plan on being prepared if the opportunity ever presents itself.  But I will be cautious when that first ship arrives.  See, I've learned some really useful tidbits watching all this sci-fi.  I'm not talking about stuff you can learn from a textbook or from some ace instructor.  No, I'm talking about the stuff that keeps you from being blown to bits, eaten by lizard people, or shot out an airlock.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Slithy Toves and Harry Dresden

I once memorized Jabberwocky in it's entirety for a test grade in school.  I also memorized and then had to recite the prologue to The Canterbury Tales in Middle English.  I still don't know what these assignments were supposed to do to help me on my way in the world.  I know what they actually did do, which was to create in me a deep dislike for reading anything not easily pronounced.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Browncoats, Castle and Nathan Fillion

We ditched cable about a year ago.  It happened for two reasons.  First, we got yet another notice about how the cost was going up and we were going to get all sorts of new nothing.  Second, my husband is an engineer and an IT guy.  In his universe everything can be fixed with CAT-5 and/or duct tape.  I was skeptical.  If you know any engineers or IT guys and especially if you live with one, you understand that the "simple upgrade" is very often neither.  But, my frugal side won over my fears and I gave him the okay.  I later discovered my okay somehow involved the purchase of a new TV and an Xbox.  I felt ever so slightly conned, but it did work, so that was something.